Aug. 2011

NR Europe BV is official distributor of EDGE Tech producten in the Netherlands.

Jun. 2011

NR is official Enterprise Reseller for Dell Server and Storage solutions.

Jan. 2011

NR switches to its new ERP platform (IQ Reseller).

Dec. 2010

NR closes its first full fiscal year, with a positive result.

Sep. 2010

NR Europe BV switches to its new ERP platform (IQ Reseller).

Jul. 2010

NR obtains official Juniper J-Partner status.

Feb. 2010

NR Europe BV opens its doors to support EMEA customers.

Jan. 2010

NR Australia is founded to support APAC customers.

Sep. 2009

NR opens its office and warehouse in Dallas, TX USA.

Jul. 2009

Network Republic Europe BV is registered with KVK in Amsterdam

Jun. 2009

Network Republic, Inc is registered with the State of Texas.

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