The low-latency, high-performance, and efficient CPU utilization


oupled with the economic benefits of consolidation, performance boosts, simplified management, and network virtualization can help end-customers build out their applications in the most cost-effective manner.


Founded in 1999, Mellanox Technologies is a true technology innovator and offer the market’s highest performing end to end InifiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions. Using Mellanox switches, cables and adapter cards ensures faster data delivery, improved system utilisation and better application performance.


Mellanox’s mature, field-proven product offerings include solutions for I/O, switching, and advanced management software — making them the intelligent choice for high-performance computing, scale-out storage and general datacentre connectivity.

Technology Snapshot

  • 10/25/40/50/56 and 100Gb/s end-to-end interconnect solutions
  • Outstanding price performance with the lowest cost per Gb/s
  • Maximum ports in the smallest footprint for market leading density
  • Green credentials delivering the lowest power consumption available
  • Non-blocking architecture ensuring consistent network performance
  • High throughput, low latency and zero packet loss ensuring outstanding application performance High throughput, low latency and zero packet loss ensuring outstanding application performance
  • InfiniBand connectivity is the backbone of many financial services trading systems and HPC environments where reliability and performance are critical. Mellanox is the InfiniBand leader with an 85% + market share and can now deliver similar performance gains via Ethernet interconnect solutions.
  • Mellanox Switching is powered by their own ASIC/Silicon Chip
    • Unlike the competition they do not need to rely on third party or ‘merchant’ silicon manufacturers
    • Mellanox silicon is unique to Mellanox Products and overcomes many challenges of merchant silicon


Open Ethernet. Flexibility, Speed and Simple Management

From SwitchX® to Spectrum™, the Mellanox family of Open Ethernet switches offer customers freedom of choice with third party network operating systems such as Cumulus to optimize utilization, efficiency, and overall return on investment Mellanox provides the highest density/performance with comprehensive L2/L3 support for spine and top-of-rack switching at speeds of 10/25/40/50/56/100Gb/s, in a broad portfolio of 1RU-sizes, ranging from 12 ports through 64 ports, including industry unique half-width wide switches. This allows for maximum connectivity flexibility to meet application deployment requirements.


Flexible I/O for the Dynamic Data Center

Mellanox world-class 10/25/40/50/56/100 Gigabit Ethernet Network interface Cards (NIC) deliver the highest performance and most flexible solutions for applications requiring high bandwidth, low latency and high message rates. Mellanox adapters provide performance -driven world-class server, network, and storage performance for the most demanding data-center environments. Accelerating server and application efficiency through hardware offloads and innovative technologies such as Multi-Host and ASAP2, allowing scalability to tens-of-thousands of nodes.


The Connection to Ensure Optimal Signal

Whether your network application is Ethernet or InfiniBand, Cloud, Web 2.0, Enterprise, HPC or Storage for server-to-top-of-rack, server-to-storage, or switch-to-switch, Mellanox interconnects scale in bandwidth, and distance to match any data center need. LinkX cables and transceivers are available in 1-channel SFP and 4-channel QSFP form factors, 10G and 25G line rates and reaches up to 2Km. Media includes: copper direct attach cables, active optical cables and multi-mode and single-mode optical transceivers – including silicon photonics.


Cloud Networking, Orchestration and Configuration Management

Mellanox NEO™ is a powerful platform for data-center network orchestration, designed to simplify network provisioning, monitoring and operations of the Next-Generation Data-Center. NEO offers robust automation capabilities that extend existing tools, from network staging and bring-up, to day-to-day operations. NEO serves as a network API for Mellanox Ethernet solutions, and offers integrations with partner solutions of VMware, OpenStack and more.

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