“The Network Republic team is very dedicated and has a goal to help grow their customers business by assisting them on multiple levels. Our partnership started over 5 years ago with a single network switch purchase, these days NR covers all our hardware demands, no matter if it’s just a small optics module, or a complete overhaul of one of our core routers. Always delivering on time, NR helps us to be cost effective since we don’t have to carry any stock. I’m extremely happy with the level of services NR provides.

Konstantin | CTO servers.com | USA/Netherlands/Luxembourg/Russia/Singapore

“Through our partnership with NR for SSD’s, Memory and Switches our inventory power / serving customers needs for upgrade / replacement has improved a lot. In addition, NR has successfully helped us with leasing/funding for various projects.”

Rajesh| CFO Webzilla | USA/Europe/Asia

“We operate in a mission critical datacenter environment, where we require top quality equipment. Network Republic is our partner when I comes to network equipment and server appliances, they never let us down.”

Patrick | CEO Datacenter | The Netherlands

“We rely heavily on a vendor who know the world of international logistics, our trusted partner is Network Republic. There’s been multiple occasion where we had to rush equipment into South America and they made it happen for us.”

Jose | CEO Systems Integrator | Brazil

“We consider Network Republic  services to be exemplary as they provide high quality goods and customer care. We need this to succeed in today’s competitive market especially in Africa”

Wycliffe | CIO Service Provider | Kenya

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